Perfect Sequin Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Sparkling gowns for weddings is something we really love! Metallic is a win-win variant for any wedding – it’s timeless and always stylish. Sequin and metallic dresses are hot right now! We are seeing that the choice colors in sparkles are silver, gold and rose gold. Who doesn’t love some good bling?

A big trend continuing into 2016 is mix and match, which is so nice for the bridesmaids since they can choose the dress that they each feel great in. The Bride may pick a certain designer, or just a color family and then her bridesmaids could choose dresses in various materials –sequins, chiffon, silk, or jersey.  Additionally, the bridesmaids may choose different dress styles – one may choose a strapless, the other a dress with sleeves. Because the Bridesmaids are comfortable and feel confident in their dresses, it makes the event and pictures that much more beautiful!

There are no rules per se, but there is one thing to consider when choosing the trendy color.  One option is to stay within a color palette.  For instance, choose shades of purple; from deep purple to lavender it makes for a beautiful wedding.  Another look, is to remain in the color family.  If you choose neutrals it allows you to mix and match greys, blushes and champagnes into a wedding party.  Other than that – most anything goes.  A mix of lengths, fabrics and hairstyles are all acceptable with this trend. Look for more sparkling ideas below and choose some shining idea for yourself!

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