Top 10 Purple Flower Girl Dresses

Brides who prefer the royal color family are outgoing, tolerant, witty, fearless and charming. This glamorous color can be construed as sweet (lilac, lavender) or passionate (deep eggplant). Autumn or winter nuptials are perfect for rocking those pretty dresses in purple shades, give preference to looks in darker colors and luxurious fabrics. Plum, royal purple, eggplant– autumn is the best time for wearing these gorgeous colors. To inspire your look we’ve gathered the most adorable and beautiful flower girl dresses that are great for upcoming wedding ceremonies and parties.

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Vintage Romantic Wedding Theme – Purple & Green Wedding Inspirations

purple&green wedding decorations

No matter the hue, purple has a mystical feel that naturally pairs nicely with green. You can choose colors on the brighter side of the color wheel, such as lime green and violet, for a fun whimsical touch, or softer colors, such as lavender and lilac, for a softer romantic quality.

Fortunately, purple and green flowers and foliage are very abundant, making it easy to decorate your wedding ceremony and reception in these colors. Purple and green colors combination is one of my favorites! Some of my favorite purple flowers and plants are hydrangeas, daisies, carnations, hibiscus, and lavender. Other plants, such as succulents and artichokes are excellent too, because they are green with varying purple accents. Choosing lighter green flowers and leafage to go with your purple flowers will give you the highest contrast.

It perfectly combines two of the most popular in weddings colors – purple and green.  I love this color palette not only because it’s really unique, but because it can be so various, depending on what purple and green shades you are going to use and which of these two colors will prevail over the other. I can imagine a dark purple winter wedding with few splashes of forest green here and there as well as I can imagine sweet and light lavender and lime green summer wedding. To help you get started, check out some of my favorite stunning photographs below.

purple&forest green weddings

purple and green wedding ideas

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purple and green wedding cake


purple and green wedding theme

purple and green wedding

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