Smoky Grape Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring Wedding 2017


Purple shades are just awesome for spring, summer, fall and winter weddings. Purple hues can be different – from dark purple to lilac or lavender, so I’m sure that you’ll find something perfect for yourself. Today I’ll inspire you with Pantone’s colour smoky grape, which is one of the sweetest colors ever! Smoky Grape is just stunning for spring and summer weddings, it’s very peaceful and beautiful. Start decorating your tables with smoky grape hues – flowers, leaves and branches in these colors will help you to make a statement. Bridesmaids in smoky grape will be beautiful because it matches any appearance type and groomsmen can also continue the theme taking a smoky grape hued tie, handkerchief and vest. Smoky grape and silver jewelry and your ring will be a perfect and girlish idea, and speaking about a grape smoky wedding gown – nothing can be more feminine!

Today I’ve gathered a bunch of grape smoky ideas about your bridesmaid dresses, which I’m sure, no less chic and very elegant. This soft colour is ideal for your spring nuptials 2017.











Romantic Purple Floral Applique Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

We continue sharing purple bridesmaid dress ideas. And today let’s talk about handmade floral applique bridesmaid dresses. This type of dresses is very popular among brides, and of course for bridesmaids it’s a great idea too! This type of dresses will be perfect for almost all wedding themes, especially, for romantic, rustic, elegant styled ones. If you’ve decided that your theme will be one of these three, pick up floral dresses for your bridesmaids.

After choosing the color, you need to decide what length of dress you and your girls want. For elegant or vintage styled weddings you can pick up maxi length of dresses, for rustic or country ones try short floral dresses. But of course there isn’t one rule, you can choose anything depending on your wish.

The types of dresses can be various too from A-line to mermaid ones. You can even mix and match various bridesmaids dress styles and make a unique style scheme. Find in stores or ask your dressmaker to create dresses from gorgeous fabrics such as silk satin, lace or chiffon. For more glam and stylish looks dressmaker can use fabric decorated with diamante jewelries. You should know that the most important thing is that your bridesmaids should love these dresses. Take a closer look to all of the pictures and I’m sure that they will fall in love with floral applique ones!















Two Tone Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Planning your wedding? Then we are pleased to share some cool and very beautiful bridesmaid dress ideas again. This time we will talk about two tone dresses for your girls. If you choose purple as your wedding theme, you can find dresses with silver and plum, grey and lavender, lilac and serenity, navy and light purple combinations. Grey and lavender or lilac grey color combo is a very subtle and gentle one, perfect for the couples that are looking for delicate shades for their big day. Grey in various shades is great for men wedding attire, for your wedding table decor and other details. To make it softer add lavender, lilac and details in these shades: your shoes, jewelry, napkins, table cloths. You can choose various shades – darker or lighter – for example, choose dark grey to create a contrast with gentle lavender. Greenery touches will make the combo more romantic and fresh.

It’s good news that you can find bridesmaid dresses with any length, mini-length, knee-length, maxi ones, and from any fabrics, chiffon, lace, satin, etc. And of course with any pattern of these two colors, for example, diagonal lines. But usually there are various dresses with a lighter upper part and darker lower one, so you have a big choice for sure! Now take a look at pics below and find awesome and chic dress ideas for your bridesmaids.









two tone bridesmaid dresses uk

two tone bridesmaid dresses strapless
two tone bridesmaid dresses strapless

Light Purple and Rose Quartz Wedding Ideas

light purple & rose quartz wedding ideas-5

Lavender or lilac are very gentle and cool colors for a spring or summer wedding, they are so beautiful and tender! Just imagine a pastel lavender wedding dress, or dress your bridesmaids in this color! If you want to give some lavender touches to your groom, make him a lavender boutonniere and a cool silk tie.

Pantone has announced two colors for 2016 – rose quartz and serenity, and today I’ll inspire you with the first one, which is one of the sweetest colors ever! Rose quartz is just stunning for spring and summer affairs – it’s very peaceful and beautiful. Lush florals in this color will turn your wedding into a heaven, and mismatch your bridesmaids in rose quartz with light purple shades will be beautiful because it matches any appearance type. Rose quartz and rose gold jewelry and your ring will be a perfect and girlish idea, and speaking about a rose quartz wedding dress – nothing can be more feminine! If you dream an ultimate romantic wedding, look at the ideas below, I’m sure that you’ll be charmed!

light purple & rose quartz wedding ideas-1

light purple & rose quartz wedding ideas-3

light purple & rose quartz wedding ideas-2

light purple & rose quartz wedding ideas-4

light purple & rose quartz wedding ideas-7

light purple & rose quartz wedding ideas-9

light purple & rose quartz wedding ideas-8

light purple & rose quartz wedding ideas-6

light purple & rose quartz wedding ideas-10


Spring Purple Shades with Yellow Wedding Ideas

purple and yellow weddings-13

If you love purple: Brides who prefer the royal color family are outgoing, tolerant, witty, fearless and charming. This versatile color can be construed as sweet (lilac, lavender) or passionate (deep eggplant).

Today, I am going to talk about all spring and the warmest colors for purple family –purple shades with yellow for your upcoming spring wedding theme! The sunshine really does seem to put smile on everyone’s faces, so sunny yellow accents everywhere from your wedding accessories and bright nails to table settings just do the same thing and really refresh the atmosphere, bring positive emotions. There is a variety of combinations with yellow that you can pick, from sweet light purple tones that balance brightness with calmness to daring royal purple that just truly pop and shine to create a funny and successful look which makes yours and your guests’ hearts sing. It is a great choice to combine soft yellow with lavender or lilac if you are going to have a simple backyard wedding. You can also choose bright yellow contrast with deep purple shades, like Cadbury purple, eggplant or violet. Spring is perfect time for weddings, so just think fun and flirty! Happy planning!

purple and yellow weddings-14

purple and yellow weddings-10

purple and yellow weddings-5

purple and yellow weddings-4

purple and yellow weddings-12

purple and yellow weddings-1

purple and yellow weddings-2

purple and yellow weddings-3

purple and yellow weddings-6

purple and yellow weddings-7

purple and yellow weddings-8

purple and yellow weddings-9

purple and yellow weddings-11

Purple and Neutral Wedding Ideas

Ladies, have you been chosen bridesmaid dresses for your girls and prepared the coming 2016 wedding? If haven’t, just follow us to check what colors on trend for bridesmaid gown next year!

I think purple on any neutrals would be stunning! This color combination is one of my all-time favorites! It perfectly combines two of the most popular in weddings colors – purple and neutral colors.

Neutral color is one of the most trending wedding ideas next year and it will be perfect for your wedding in every season! Then why not to choose neutral decors or bridesmaid dresses to complement the wedding theme?

If you want to incorporate purple into wedding and choose it as a leading color, thinking about purple dresses for your bridesmaids with something more neutral colors to shine your wedding! Take a look and consider this color scheme for your big day.

purple and neutral wedding ideas-12

purple and neutral wedding ideas-13

purple and neutral wedding ideas-14

purple and neutral wedding ideas-1

purple and neutral wedding ideas-2

purple and neutral wedding ideas-4

purple and neutral wedding ideas-5

purple and neutral wedding ideas-6

purple and neutral wedding ideas-10

purple and neutral wedding ideas-9

purple and neutral wedding ideas-8

purple and neutral wedding ideas-7

purple and neutral wedding ideas-3

purple and neutral wedding ideas-15

purple and neutral wedding ideas-11

Sweet Lilac & Radiant Orchid Bridesmaid Dresses

sweet lilac & radiant orchid color

Winter may be quickly approaching, but brides-to-be should take heart in a spring-like hue that will likely saturate everything from the freezing cold weather outside for your upcoming weddings.

Lilac is a very pretty shade that’s flattering on girly bridesmaids young and old as long as they have fair skin, unlike most bold bright shades of purple chosen at wedding, this pale pastel color is a lot easier to wear and much more subtle.

Being a big orchid lover I can’t help myself falling in love with this color palette –radiant orchid. Pantone described radiant orchid as a modern and “surprisingly versatile shade” that can be worn by both men and women.

Take a look at the gallery below to get inspired and find perfect bridesmaid dresses for your besties.

lilac bridesmaid dresses-2

lilac bridesmaid dresses-7

lilac bridesmaid dresses-6

lilac bridesmaid dresses-4

lilac bridesmaid dresses-1

lilac bridesmaid dresses-3

radiant orchid bridesmaid dresses-1

radiant orchid bridesmaid dresses-2

radiant orchid bridesmaid dresses-4

Lilac & Radiant Orchid Bridesmaid Dresses

radiant orchid bridesmaid dresses-3

Lavender and Lilac Wedding Theme

This is for all soft purple lovers! When it comes to wedding color palettes, there are so many amazing options to choose for your big day. If your groom is keen to avoid a very feminine wedding, having a lilac or lavender theme wedding is a great choice for a romantic or spring wedding. Compare with blush and baby pink, lilac and lavender is not only pretty and grace but without being too girly.

When lavender or lilac color used in a wedding, for one of the color schemes or all thing lavender or lilac, it can make your big day a success. You can dress your bridesmaids in shades of soft purple, have lavender in wedding cake deco, place settings, or combine the color lavender with lilac to make a perfect combination. Here I have some fabulous lavender and lilac combinations to share with you.



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