Purple and Neutral Wedding Ideas

Ladies, have you been chosen bridesmaid dresses for your girls and prepared the coming 2016 wedding? If haven’t, just follow us to check what colors on trend for bridesmaid gown next year!

I think purple on any neutrals would be stunning! This color combination is one of my all-time favorites! It perfectly combines two of the most popular in weddings colors – purple and neutral colors.

Neutral color is one of the most trending wedding ideas next year and it will be perfect for your wedding in every season! Then why not to choose neutral decors or bridesmaid dresses to complement the wedding theme?

If you want to incorporate purple into wedding and choose it as a leading color, thinking about purple dresses for your bridesmaids with something more neutral colors to shine your wedding! Take a look and consider this color scheme for your big day.

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Chic Bohemian Purple Wedding Ideas

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Bohemian chic style is very popular these days, especially for spring summer and fall weddings. Boho weddings are a hit right now because they are relaxed, colorful and amusing. Many couples who don’t want any official ceremonies choose it. Outdoor weddings and beach weddings are always super actual because it’s just a dream. Walking down the beach aisle with breeze in your face.


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boho purple bridesmaid dresses

boho purple wedding ideas

A wedding theme as boho allows to go completely bold, so don’t hesitate to choose bright flowers and various eye-catching details to rock boho chic. How can you apply this style to your wedding table decor? Colorful tableware and terrariums are a cool continuation of your bohemian decor. Fruit and berries can easily become one more decoration for your table, so bright and fun! We will shared some beautiful purple bohemian wedding ideas with you today.

Ruffled - photo by http://www.ourloveisloud.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/river-bend-colorado-wedding/

Ruffled - photo by http://www.izzyhudgins.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/bohemian-diy-inspiration-shoot/

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Boho purple wedding cake

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boho purple wedding bouquet

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Fantastic Peacock Wedding Theme


Did you know? The peacock is representative of glory, resurrection, renewal, royalty, integrity, kindness and beauty. Do some research and check out its historical and religious meanings to see if it is a perfect fit for your wedding!

The peacock themed wedding details are amazing! From royal blue to shimmering purple, the peacock’s bright feathers become an amazing wedding theme. Below you’ll see a few ideas for highlighting the peacock’s beauty and colors throughout your wedding.

Peacock-Feathers-wedding ideas


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Peacock themed wedding

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peacock wedding shoes

Peacock-wedding inspirations

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