Elegant Pale Purple Gowns for the Mother of the Bride

Pale purple dresses are incredibly chic and romantic for spring or summer weddings, so it’s no surprising why we love them so much. They will not only look great on your bridesmaids, but also on mother of the bride.

Your wedding isn’t only a big day for you and your beloved, but for your darling parents as well. Surely, your mom wants to look perfect on the day, when her darling girl is having one of the most important moments in her life. Well, it’s essential to give your mom the freedom of choice, but it is okay to give advice. We’ve gathered a gallery filled with the best mother of the bride gowns to get you and your mom inspired. Each dress is a unique mix of elegance and charm, romance and modern with luxurious fabrics and exquisite details. Take a moment to look at all of the gorgeous dresses, I’m sure you’ll be stunned as much as we were.

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Top 10 Purple Flower Girl Dresses

Brides who prefer the royal color family are outgoing, tolerant, witty, fearless and charming. This glamorous color can be construed as sweet (lilac, lavender) or passionate (deep eggplant). Autumn or winter nuptials are perfect for rocking those pretty dresses in purple shades, give preference to looks in darker colors and luxurious fabrics. Plum, royal purple, eggplant– autumn is the best time for wearing these gorgeous colors. To inspire your look we’ve gathered the most adorable and beautiful flower girl dresses that are great for upcoming wedding ceremonies and parties.

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purple flower girl dresses-1

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Unique Wedding Gowns for Purple Lovers!

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The wedding day is all about the bride and all eyes will be on her. So if she is comfortable and confident in whatever shade she is wearing, then so be it. Besides, fashion rules are the easiest to break, since there are little, if any, consequences. “Everything is purple in my wardrobe and my wedding dress will follow suit.” It’s great that many modern brides are bold enough to say yes to a colored wedding dress. However, it is usually incredibly hard to make a final decision. Today let me introduce you these amazing purple gowns that instantly got us mesmerized and thrilled.

Look at Dita Von Teese’s purple wedding gown, It was full of fabric so it didn’t do one ounce of justice to her bangin’ figure. But she did look like a 1930s version of Scarlett O’Hara. 2015 enchanting fairytale gowns with most elegant fabrics and intricate beadwork. Take a moment to look at all of the gorgeous dresses, I’m sure you’ll be stunned as much as we were. Get inspired!

Dita Von Teese



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