Purple Bridesmaid Dresses with Long Sleeves

As opposed to the strapless and sexy bridesmaid dresses, this year there’s another huge trends – long sleeved dresses. Bridesmaid dresses with long sleeves are not only one of the hot trends of this year but also a good idea for fall and winter weddings because if you have an outdoor photo shoot, then the girls won’t catch cold. If your besties feel a bit self-conscious in strapless bridesmaid gowns or want to hide tattoos on her arms, dresses with half sleeves, 3/4 length sleeves or full long sleeves would be a good choice.

Purple bridesmaids’ dresses are an awesome statement – lace, boho, vintage or any other style you prefer. Long and romantic with a vintage feel, short and sassy with a dramatic design – your girls can find anything they like! Purple lace dresses always look feminine and elegant, satin gowns are very decent and will help to make a statement. Take a look and maybe you’ll figure out it’s the best for you.

Floor length purple bridesmaid dresses with long sleeves

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-10

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-6

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-4

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-7

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-1

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-2

Short length purple bridesmaid dresses with long sleeves

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-5

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-5B

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-8

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-3

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-9


Perfect Sequin Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Sparkling gowns for weddings is something we really love! Metallic is a win-win variant for any wedding – it’s timeless and always stylish. Sequin and metallic dresses are hot right now! We are seeing that the choice colors in sparkles are silver, gold and rose gold. Who doesn’t love some good bling?

A big trend continuing into 2016 is mix and match, which is so nice for the bridesmaids since they can choose the dress that they each feel great in. The Bride may pick a certain designer, or just a color family and then her bridesmaids could choose dresses in various materials –sequins, chiffon, silk, or jersey.  Additionally, the bridesmaids may choose different dress styles – one may choose a strapless, the other a dress with sleeves. Because the Bridesmaids are comfortable and feel confident in their dresses, it makes the event and pictures that much more beautiful!

There are no rules per se, but there is one thing to consider when choosing the trendy color.  One option is to stay within a color palette.  For instance, choose shades of purple; from deep purple to lavender it makes for a beautiful wedding.  Another look, is to remain in the color family.  If you choose neutrals it allows you to mix and match greys, blushes and champagnes into a wedding party.  Other than that – most anything goes.  A mix of lengths, fabrics and hairstyles are all acceptable with this trend. Look for more sparkling ideas below and choose some shining idea for yourself!

stunning purple bridesmaid dresses-1

stunning purple bridesmaid dresses-3

stunning purple bridesmaid dresses-4

stunning purple bridesmaid dresses-2

stunning purple bridesmaid dresses-5

stunning purple bridesmaid dresses-6

Elegant Pale Purple Gowns for the Mother of the Bride

Pale purple dresses are incredibly chic and romantic for spring or summer weddings, so it’s no surprising why we love them so much. They will not only look great on your bridesmaids, but also on mother of the bride.

Your wedding isn’t only a big day for you and your beloved, but for your darling parents as well. Surely, your mom wants to look perfect on the day, when her darling girl is having one of the most important moments in her life. Well, it’s essential to give your mom the freedom of choice, but it is okay to give advice. We’ve gathered a gallery filled with the best mother of the bride gowns to get you and your mom inspired. Each dress is a unique mix of elegance and charm, romance and modern with luxurious fabrics and exquisite details. Take a moment to look at all of the gorgeous dresses, I’m sure you’ll be stunned as much as we were.

pale purple mob dresses-1

pale purple mob dresses-2

pale purple mob dresses-4

pale purple mob dresses-3

pale purple mob dresses-5

pale purple mob dresses-6

pale purple mob dresses-7

pale purple mob dresses-8

pale purple mob dresses-9

pale purple mob dresses-10

Charming Lord of the Rings Theme Wedding Ideas

If you and your partner are Lord of the Rings fans or you want to have a fairy and romantic forest wedding, take a look at these ideas!

How about to add some incredible Lord of the Rings inspired fantastic DIY elements to every wedding décor detail? You can choose an elegant medieval custom wedding gown or a hooded cloak with chapel length train. Make a wedding cake with refreshing greenery and flowers, dress your bridesmaids as fairy princesses, create romantic and nature inspired table centerpieces with branches or mosses, use Lord of the Rings fonts for your wedding invitations and signs. For more ideas look below! Be creative!

lord of the rings purple wedding ideas-3

lord of the rings purple wedding ideas-6

lord of the rings purple wedding-12

lord of the rings purple wedding-10

lord of the rings purple wedding -11

lord of the rings purple wedding ideas-5

lord of the rings purple wedding ideas-1

lord of the rings purple wedding ideas-2

lord of the rings purple wedding ideas-4

lord of the rings purple wedding ideas-7

lord of the rings purple wedding ideas-8

lord of the rings purple wedding ideas-9

Spring Purple Shades with Yellow Wedding Ideas

purple and yellow weddings-13

If you love purple: Brides who prefer the royal color family are outgoing, tolerant, witty, fearless and charming. This versatile color can be construed as sweet (lilac, lavender) or passionate (deep eggplant).

Today, I am going to talk about all spring and the warmest colors for purple family –purple shades with yellow for your upcoming spring wedding theme! The sunshine really does seem to put smile on everyone’s faces, so sunny yellow accents everywhere from your wedding accessories and bright nails to table settings just do the same thing and really refresh the atmosphere, bring positive emotions. There is a variety of combinations with yellow that you can pick, from sweet light purple tones that balance brightness with calmness to daring royal purple that just truly pop and shine to create a funny and successful look which makes yours and your guests’ hearts sing. It is a great choice to combine soft yellow with lavender or lilac if you are going to have a simple backyard wedding. You can also choose bright yellow contrast with deep purple shades, like Cadbury purple, eggplant or violet. Spring is perfect time for weddings, so just think fun and flirty! Happy planning!

purple and yellow weddings-14

purple and yellow weddings-10

purple and yellow weddings-5

purple and yellow weddings-4

purple and yellow weddings-12

purple and yellow weddings-1

purple and yellow weddings-2

purple and yellow weddings-3

purple and yellow weddings-6

purple and yellow weddings-7

purple and yellow weddings-8

purple and yellow weddings-9

purple and yellow weddings-11

Purple and Neutral Wedding Ideas

Ladies, have you been chosen bridesmaid dresses for your girls and prepared the coming 2016 wedding? If haven’t, just follow us to check what colors on trend for bridesmaid gown next year!

I think purple on any neutrals would be stunning! This color combination is one of my all-time favorites! It perfectly combines two of the most popular in weddings colors – purple and neutral colors.

Neutral color is one of the most trending wedding ideas next year and it will be perfect for your wedding in every season! Then why not to choose neutral decors or bridesmaid dresses to complement the wedding theme?

If you want to incorporate purple into wedding and choose it as a leading color, thinking about purple dresses for your bridesmaids with something more neutral colors to shine your wedding! Take a look and consider this color scheme for your big day.

purple and neutral wedding ideas-12

purple and neutral wedding ideas-13

purple and neutral wedding ideas-14

purple and neutral wedding ideas-1

purple and neutral wedding ideas-2

purple and neutral wedding ideas-4

purple and neutral wedding ideas-5

purple and neutral wedding ideas-6

purple and neutral wedding ideas-10

purple and neutral wedding ideas-9

purple and neutral wedding ideas-8

purple and neutral wedding ideas-7

purple and neutral wedding ideas-3

purple and neutral wedding ideas-15

purple and neutral wedding ideas-11

Purple and Silver Wedding Ideas

Here again comes with my favorite color-purple! It’s really a great color to use for weddings. There is something mysterious about the color, but it is definitely enchanting. A purple with silver schemed wedding is timeless and elegant. This wedding theme is ideal for any wedding at any time of the year. Silver and lavender are delicate and romantic for a spring or summer weddings, and dark purple with all those trendy glitter elements, it’s great for this winter wedding season.

As you can see from the collages below, your bridesmaid dresses are a great place to introduce your wedding colors. Choose a dress in purple with silver sash or embellished with silver colored crystals or mercury glass beads is always an excellent choice for your besties.

Choose your wedding gown with metallic embroidery, wear silver, and carry a white bouquet tied with metallic or purple ribbon with beautiful blossoms such as orchids, bougainvillea, peonies, or sea lavenders.

So if you know you want purple, start there and then consider the combination of purple with silver and its impact on the entire color theme. I think this theme is super chic and elegant at the same time!

purple and silver wedding ideas-1

purple and silver wedding ideas-6

purple and silver wedding ideas-5

purple and silver wedding ideas-3

purple and silver wedding ideas-9

purple and silver wedding ideas-10

purple and silver wedding ideas-12

purple and silver wedding ideas-8

purple and silver wedding ideas-14

purple and silver wedding ideas-2

purple and silver wedding ideas-4

purple and silver wedding ideas-11

purple and silver wedding ideas-13

purple and silver wedding ideas-7

Mauve and Marsala Wedding Ideas

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-13

This year every wedding blog bursts with Marsala inspired shoots. Pantone’s color of this year looks incredibly beautiful and seems perfect for fall and winter weddings. Meanwhile, mauve is also among top trendy colors for this fall and winter wedding season. It’s a gorgeous, soft shade of light purple that has a slight tinge of grey. I believe both of those trendy colors will last for upcoming spring wedding 2016.

Spring and summer is all about bright bursts of color! If you want to try something different, more bold and romantic. Why not try a marsala mix with mauve color. It’s a soft, feminine and an elegant color that will look great in all aspects of your wedding, from table settings to your wedding cake to your bridesmaid dresses. There are many ideas on how to make mauve accents with marsala in your wedding décor, bridal bouquet, centerpiece, etc. With this in mind we’ve gathered some awesome ideas for your upcoming spring/ summer wedding! Enjoy!

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-3

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-7

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-5

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-8

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-1

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-4

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-2

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-12

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-11

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-6

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-10

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-9

mauve and marsala wedding ideas-14

Purple Bridesmaid Dresses In Plus Sizes

Purple is a traditional color to be used at weddings, it can look stunning when paired with the right colors to give the look and feel you want at your wedding. When choosing colors to compliment purple you could start with your favorite color, the color of a certain flower you must have at your wedding or even what colors suit your grooms and bridesmaids skin tones. Every color comes in different shades and tones so you are bound to find one that will be perfect for you.

For a spring time wedding use lighter greens with lavenders. Keep your wedding romantic and delicate by pairing lighter shades of purple such as lavenders with pale pinks and soft blues. Remember with bold colors such as the deeper, warmer shades of purple it is a case of “less is more” and you don’t have to overdo it.

Purple is such a strong color when paired with dark blues, browns and black looks far too overpowering for a wedding. If you are going for that classy, elegant fall or winter wedding, a rich red will bring out the warmth in the purple and add a regal feel to the wedding. Today, dear ladies, we’ve got some incredibly fab purple bridesmaid dresses for curvy girls to share with you!

plus size purple bridesmaid dresses-1

plus size purple bridesmaid dresses-3

plus size purple bridesmaid dresses-6

plus size purple bridesmaid dresses-2

plus size purple bridesmaid dresses-4

plus size purple bridesmaid dresses-7

plus size purple bridesmaid dresses-5

Modest Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

The shade of purple color is an absolutely gorgeous color, not only it’s a fabulous color for fall / winter weddings, it’s also very flattering on all kinds of complexions.

If you have bridesmaids that vary in age, a modest dress with sleeves is more appropriate for the teens and above, but keep in mind if you have a big bust, the scoop or V neckline will he more flattering in provide the support you need.

Having bridesmaid dresses in different lengths is a great way to distinguish maid of honor or chief bridesmaid from the other bridesmaids, it’s also used when you have bridesmaids of significantly different ages/sizes/shapes and one length is better suited then the other for some. Today, we share some beautiful wedding photos from real weddings. We hope you love it all as much as we do!

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-1

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-2

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-3

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-4

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-5

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-6

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-7

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-8

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-9