Unique Wedding Gowns for Purple Lovers!

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The wedding day is all about the bride and all eyes will be on her. So if she is comfortable and confident in whatever shade she is wearing, then so be it. Besides, fashion rules are the easiest to break, since there are little, if any, consequences. “Everything is purple in my wardrobe and my wedding dress will follow suit.” It’s great that many modern brides are bold enough to say yes to a colored wedding dress. However, it is usually incredibly hard to make a final decision. Today let me introduce you these amazing purple gowns that instantly got us mesmerized and thrilled.

Look at Dita Von Teese’s purple wedding gown, It was full of fabric so it didn’t do one ounce of justice to her bangin’ figure. But she did look like a 1930s version of Scarlett O’Hara. 2015 enchanting fairytale gowns with most elegant fabrics and intricate beadwork. Take a moment to look at all of the gorgeous dresses, I’m sure you’ll be stunned as much as we were. Get inspired!

Dita Von Teese



stella wedding-dress



purple gown

mermaid style


Gorgeous Purple Mother of Bride Dresses

The wedding of your son or daughter will be one of the most memorable events in your lifetime. Mother of the bride dress is the second most important dress in the wedding. For your daughter’s wedding, you’re going to need a gorgeous dress. Like bright colors, orange or yellow as the dress may stand out too much. If you like to wear something more subtle, a full length purple gown would be a good choice. If the wedding includes a church service for example, make sure that you have a matching wrap or a jacket go with your dress.

Looking for something that’s flattering and fabulous, season and venue of the wedding should help you and your mom narrow down the options. Before you go shopping for your mother of the bride dress, keep an open dialogue going about what she’s looking for in a dress. She should feel comfortable and happy in her dress. After all, this is the perfect opportunity to show off her chic style! It would be better to choose something more timeless with clean a line, it fits all different body types, the purple dress is a perfect example of a timeless dress as well.

Mothers who have trouble finding a fabulous purple dress or outfit, here are some beautiful styles for your consideration.















Lavender and Lilac Wedding Theme

This is for all soft purple lovers! When it comes to wedding color palettes, there are so many amazing options to choose for your big day. If your groom is keen to avoid a very feminine wedding, having a lilac or lavender theme wedding is a great choice for a romantic or spring wedding. Compare with blush and baby pink, lilac and lavender is not only pretty and grace but without being too girly.

When lavender or lilac color used in a wedding, for one of the color schemes or all thing lavender or lilac, it can make your big day a success. You can dress your bridesmaids in shades of soft purple, have lavender in wedding cake deco, place settings, or combine the color lavender with lilac to make a perfect combination. Here I have some fabulous lavender and lilac combinations to share with you.



lilac hair



How to Pick Bridesmaid Jewelry for Purple Dress

Before selecting bridesmaid jewelry, you need to consider the neckline of the dresses first. Pearls accessories are a classic look that match with any style of dress. Avoid to choose large necklaces and large dangling earrings if the neckline of the dress is in sweetheart, rounded or V neckline. If the bridesmaid dresses are in halter neckline, do not choose large hoop earrings. Just remember to keep the jewelry simple when buying jewelries for the bridesmaids. Exaggerated or large jewelry pieces leaned to be a distraction in the wedding photo shoots.

When selecting jewelries for the bridesmaids, there is no need to spend a great deal of money on the bridesmaid jewelries. The color of the dress is one of the most important factors to consider. If the dress is in dark purple, silver or grey jewelries would definitely a gorgeous and safe choice to go with dark purple dresses.

It is also a great idea to match the jewelry to the bridal jewelry worn by the bride as well. If the bride is wearing a pearl necklace, the bridesmaids should match the bride with pearl earrings, but not necessarily the same necklace. A personalized hair jewelry is also another great alternative to the more traditional jewelry choices.

Elegant and Vintage look: Pearls necklace

vintage peals

Vibrant and Bohemian Look: Turquoise jewelry set on purple ombre wedding

turqoise necklace

Chic and classic hoop earrings

hoop earrings

Adorable pearl bracelets in same color


Trendy Bridesmaid Styles: Romantic Purple Bridesmaid Dresses


Purple is such a passionate and elegant color. Shades of purple bridesmaid dresses would be a great choice for a romantic and dreamy purple themed wedding.


I love short dresses! If the weather permits on your big day, consider short purple bridesmaid dresses like these photographs.



If your girls just like something simple and less constructed, consider dressing them in simple, A-line plain dresses.



If you have only a couple of bridesmaids rather than a group, a flowy floor length dress would be a good choice.





Purple Theme Wedding Inspirations

Winter weddings always seem and feel more glamorous to me. I totally love the dark purple color palette, because they simply look glorious and elegant, aren’t they?





Dark colors look more couture, elegant and chic than light colors. As for deep purple specifically, it fits in many different colors easily, and can soften color shade, like pin, yellow and many more. There are also many brides who use purple color with silver color, black and gold color which look very glamourous.






It is your day. Select what you love and suits your vision of the wedding. Here are more photos of purple colored wedding ideas for your references.




Eggplant Purple Color Bridesmaid Dresses 2015

Purple color is a ver popular color forever. Purple color comes in many different shades. I’m particularly love the eggplant purple color and neon shade, which helps spice things up a little.

Purple color is a good choice for all both summer wedding and autumn wedding. I will post more purple color themed dresses soon.