Purple Bridesmaid Dresses with Long Sleeves

As opposed to the strapless and sexy bridesmaid dresses, this year there’s another huge trends – long sleeved dresses. Bridesmaid dresses with long sleeves are not only one of the hot trends of this year but also a good idea for fall and winter weddings because if you have an outdoor photo shoot, then the girls won’t catch cold. If your besties feel a bit self-conscious in strapless bridesmaid gowns or want to hide tattoos on her arms, dresses with half sleeves, 3/4 length sleeves or full long sleeves would be a good choice.

Purple bridesmaids’ dresses are an awesome statement – lace, boho, vintage or any other style you prefer. Long and romantic with a vintage feel, short and sassy with a dramatic design – your girls can find anything they like! Purple lace dresses always look feminine and elegant, satin gowns are very decent and will help to make a statement. Take a look and maybe you’ll figure out it’s the best for you.

Floor length purple bridesmaid dresses with long sleeves

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-10

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-6

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-4

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-7

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-1

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-2

Short length purple bridesmaid dresses with long sleeves

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-5

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-5B

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-8

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-3

long sleeves purple bridesmaid dresses-9


Modest Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

The shade of purple color is an absolutely gorgeous color, not only it’s a fabulous color for fall / winter weddings, it’s also very flattering on all kinds of complexions.

If you have bridesmaids that vary in age, a modest dress with sleeves is more appropriate for the teens and above, but keep in mind if you have a big bust, the scoop or V neckline will he more flattering in provide the support you need.

Having bridesmaid dresses in different lengths is a great way to distinguish maid of honor or chief bridesmaid from the other bridesmaids, it’s also used when you have bridesmaids of significantly different ages/sizes/shapes and one length is better suited then the other for some. Today, we share some beautiful wedding photos from real weddings. We hope you love it all as much as we do!

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-1

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-2

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-3

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-4

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-5

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-6

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-7

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-8

modest purple bridesmaid dresses-9